Mobile Hydraulics

Mobile Hydraulics

As a provider of hydraulic seals we understand the specific requirements of the HEMM industry There are a wide variety of applications that require nothing less than high performance. We can provide seal kits for various applications like EXCAVATORS, DOZERS, DUMPERS, BACK HOE LOADERS, LWHEEL LOADERS, CRANES, FORKLIFTS etc.

Some applications for which we can provide seal kits are as under :-

  • Crowd cylinders
  • Bucket cylinders
  • Steering cylinders
  • Hoist cylinders
  • Blade cylinders
  • Stabilizer cylinders
  • Boom cylinders
  • Arm cylinders

Steel Mills and Metal Processing

Steel Plants

We offer high performance sealing systems for a diverse number of steel mill & metal processing applications, including:

  • Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control (HAGC) cylinders
  • Automatic Width Control (AWC) cylinders
  • Caster segment cylinders
  • Work-roll bending cylinders
  • Back-up roll balancing cylinders
  • Roll-neck bearings
  • Strand guide cylinders
  • Hydraulic quick-change cylinders
  • Coiler and looping cylinders
  • Straightening withdrawal unit segment cylinders

Texturising Industries

Texturising Industries

Draw twisting and draw texturising are indespensible process for imparting twist,bulk and stretch in man-made yarns like polyester, ,polyamide etc. for ensuming consecutive processing into ready textile goods with high service characteristics. Draw texturising combines the economics of drawing and texturising steps.This has attracted many researchers which has led to development of not only the process but also machinery and its spares development. During texturising process the yarn is twisted by the friction disc which inserts necessary twist into the yarn,so that the yarn can get textured.Rotamic offers pu friction disc made of polyurethane rubber which is specially developed for providing higher amount of friction and therefore more twist to the yarn during texturing process.

Spares For Jute Industries

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Cement plants

Cement Plants

We also provide seals for applications in cement plants as well as equipments used in the plants for various purposes.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

We have a wide array of high-performance sealing systems for use in the oil and gas industry. Our seals are made of only the highest-strength materials. As a result, their dependability parallels their strength. Reduced maintenance costs and continued productivity of oil and gas processing are valuable results of the dynamic design features of our reliable sealing systems.

Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper

The high-speed world of pulp & paper mills requires seals with the highest durability and performance. Long life & high speeds are just a few of the seal requirements. We offer high performance sealing systems for pulp & paper mill applications, including:

  • Work rolls
  • Bending compensation rolls
  • Suction Rolls

Injection Moulding Machines

Injecion Moduling Machines

The applications of injection molding machines are vast and can range from light tonnage applications to very high tonnage applications. The high workload environment necessitates hydraulic seals that are robust and up to the task. We offer high performance sealing systems for a variety of injection molding machine applications, including:

  • Main ram cylinders
  • Clamping cylinders
  • Injection cylinders
  • Ejection cylinders
  • Pullback cylinders
  • Traverse cylinders

Heavy Duty Presses

Heavy Deaty Presses

The demanding world of heavy-duty presses relies heavily on the performance of its seals. We offer high performance sealing systems for a range of press applications, including:

  • Bending, extrusion, and deep drawing presses in metal processing
  • Forging presses and forging hammers in the scrap industry
  • Scrap shears and presses for the building industry
  • Ceramic and brick presses for wood processing
  • Ceramic and brick presses for wood processing
  • Bailing presses